Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recommended Picture Book: Allah To Z

Title: Allah to Z

Author: Sam'n Iqbal

Illustrator: Lina Safar

Publisher: Broyhill Publication LLC; June 1, 2012

Theme: Islam, Muslim, Alphabets

Age: 3 and up

A is for Allah, the Most Gracious One.
Allah made the earth, the moon and the sun.
The birds and the bees, the wind in the trees.
Allah created for you and me.

Book Summary:
From Allah to Zakat, children of all faiths will delight in these 26 rhymes that introduce Islam in a fun, contemporary way. Coupled with bright illustrations from award-winning artist Lina Safar, each page will capture kids’ attention and open a window into Muslim culture and history.

Visit the author website for a variety of coloring pages to download and color.

Why I like this book:
Masha Allah! This was a really nice alphabet book! The first of its kind to be honest that I have learned about. As a teacher I have read many different alphabet books using a variety of themes but this one was refreshingly unique to Islamic culture. The illustrations are fun, warm and whimsical. It is definitely a must have in any Muslim child's home library. More importantly, it can even be used in a non-Muslim setting be it home, library or school to help introduce the meaning of a variety of Islamic vocabulary to children and adults from different backgrounds. I highly recommend this book!

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