Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Last Snowflake

Copyright © 2008 SN Taylor, All Rights Reserved

High in the atmosphere, beyond the fluffy white clouds, snowflakes lay resting in their winter home. Wake, wake little ones, time to make your your journey down and cover the earth with your winter white coats. One, two ,three, 50, 60, 70, 100, 1000..., one billion! Hmm, someone is missing.

"Achoo!" "Yar'hamakullah! Uh oh! You will not be able to make your trip just yet," mama flake says. The little flake sadly watches the other flakes go on their winter trip. "But what about my little friend, who is waiting for me?" the little flake asks. "Don't worry, you will have all winter to get better."

All through winter, the little flakes fall. Sister Wind blows her gentle arctic breath making the little snowflakes dance as they float down. Brother Cloud shades them from the bright sun and keeps them from melting in his warm glow. "Thank you Brother Cloud," they sing as they continue to fall." Brother Cloud smiles, "you are welcome," he calls back, "have fun and see you next winter."

Little children run out to see the snowflakes fall on the trees, the roof, the cars and the ground. They laugh and they sing, they play and they dance. Hooray! Winter is here.

But little Ali is not happy. He is ill and can not go out and play in the pretty, white winter snow. "Don't worry Ali," mama says gently, "Insha allah, you will get to play in the snow before winter's end."

In the warmth of his bedroom, Ali watches the children play. Everyday he rests and drinks his soup. He gets stronger and stronger.

Back above the clouds, high in the atmosphere, our last little snowflake raises her head. "I feel much better now," she says. "Yes, yes," her mother says, " you look much better now Alhamdulillah. Quick now, take your winter coat and make your journey to below, where your little friend awaits."

The last snowflake floats down just as the sun begins to shine warm and bright. "Oh no," she cries, "I won't make it in time."

Little Ali puts on his socks and shoes. He climbs into his wheelchair and rolls to the door. "Has winter come and gone? Will I get to see and play in the snow?" he wonders sadly.

The little snowflake begins to cry. "What's wrong little one?" Brother Cloud asks. "I'm late getting to the ground, to my friend below. The sun is turning my flake into rain," she sniffs.

"Don't worry," he says, "I will try my best to protect you." Brother Cloud moves to block the sun once more. "Now hurry, I can't stay too long, winter is done and spring must come." The little snowflake thanks him and quickly continues on her way. But she was still melting.

She bumps into Sister Wind getting ready to head back north to her arctic home. "Where did you come from little one?" she asks "I thought all the little snowflakes had fallen." "No, I'm the last one, but I don't think I will make it to my friend waiting below. He missed the winter snow and now he will miss me too."

Sister Wind feels sorry for the little snowflake and little Ali too. With a huff and a puff, she gently blows her cold arctic breath on the melting snowflake. Soon, her droplets turn into crystal flakes.

Happily she glides down. As the warm air touches her, Sister Wind blows cold air on her. The little snowflake grows bigger and bigger. Soon, she can see little Ali waiting and searching.

Suddenly he catches sight of the last little, but now big snowflake. "I'm coming friend," she calls. Ali smiles brightly, that was the biggest snowflake he'd ever seen, and it was just for him!

Sister Wind blows her last arctic breath and the last snowflake lands gently in Ali's hand. "Salaam friend," she says. "Wa Salaam friend, I'm glad you made it," Ali says. They play in the shade of Brother Cloud.

As winter turn to spring, the last snowflake melts happily in the hands of her friend. Ali smiles, "Ma' Salaama, see you next winter my friend."

Copyright © 2008 SN Taylor, All Rights Reserved