Book Club

We review each book before posting them on our site. Click on the links below to read the book reviews. Do you have a book you or your child would like to recommend? Send us a note and we will check it out!

For a complete list of topics and themes, check out Susanna L Hill's blog. (Note: I have not reviewed all of the books listed on her page but I do encourage you to visit her page. You never know what you might discover!)

Happy Reading!


Noor Kids Discover their Blessings!                              Blackberry Stew

Moon Watcher: Shirin's Ramadan Miracle                Hilmy the Hippo learns to be grateful
Around Our Way On Neighbors' Day                         Going to Mecca

One of Us                                                                         My Name is Sangoel

My First Ramadan                                                         The Day of Ahmed's Secret
Zaahir and Jamel the Camel                                      The Empty Pot
  Believe in Allah                
  At the Mosque                                                             The Farmer's Wife
  Hajj                                                                              The Big Red Lollipop
In the Garden with Dr. Carver                                       The Color of Home  

A Party in Ramadan                                                       The Keeping Quilt

I Love My Hair                                                              My Mother's Garden

No Mirrors in My Nana's House                                   The Color of Us

Sameerah's Hijab and                                                    Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
the First Day of School
Hind's Hands                                                           Read for Me, Mama                                                                                          

The Hard-Times Jar                                                 Keep Your Ear On the Ball

Say Something                                                          Up, Down and Around


Shades of Black                                                             The Grand Mosque of Paris

Wangari's Trees of Peace                                               Jambo means Hello

Ashanti To Zulu                                                             The Librarian of Basra
   African Traditions

The Beautiful Names                                                     The Busy Tree