Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Islamic Fiction release!!!

As Salaam'Alaykum

Muslim Writers Publishing is happy to announce the publishing of sister/IWA member Corey Habbas' new Islamic Fiction book titled, The Runaway Scarf. The book will be released in two weeks. The book files are currently with the printing company. Muslim Writers Publishing is very excited and pleased to publish sister Corey's wonderful new 52 page book which she also illustrated. This is an exciting event as The Runaway Scarf is MWP's first publishing of a color illustrated book for children and youth.

Book Details

In The Runaway Scarf, Ibsitu, a young slave from Habbasha who has built a friendship with her slave master’s daughter, Noora, is accused of stealing one of her expensive, jewel-embroidered scarves. After being attacked and violently searched, Ibsitu embarks on a journey of freedom. The light of faith has been lit in Ibsitu’s heart and she uses it as a guide along the path to Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) town in Madinah.

The Runaway Scarf is a timeless story about the Islamic values of human rights and equality.

Author Bio

Corey Habbas, a Muslim revert since 2000 and freelance writer, has had her writing published in various online and print journals, newspapers and magazines. Her short stories and articles for children have been featured in Learning Through History Magazine and Skipping Stones. Corey has won several awards for her poetry including prizes from the Islamic Writers Alliance and Qalam. In 2006, her poetry won the Andalusia Prize for Literature. Corey grew up in California where she studied art and also earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Redlands. She now lives in Minnesota with her family. She is a member of the Islamic Writers Alliance.

List price $11.95.


Contact sister Corey's publisher at woodad@mindspring. com www.MuslimWritersPublishing. com

Provide your Mailing name and address and number of copies you want to order! You will be contacted by the publisher.

Shipping anywhere in the USA is $3.00 per single copy. Additional shipping fees based on the number of copies ordered and weight of the books.

Shipping outside the USA: The publisher will advise you of the shipping cost on reciept of your order.

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SN Taylor said...

I just received, and read :), my copy of this wonderful book and I'm absolutely in love with it! This story is about a little girl's faith, determination and quest for freedom. Anyone who believes in God can relate to Ibsituu's faith that God (Allah) would see her through her hardships and deliver her to freedom, of body and mind. I particularly enjoyed the unique illustrations. I truly believe this book would make a wonderful addition to any family's home collection.
Masha Allah Sister Corey, you did an excellent job!!!