Friday, January 11, 2008

Little Jamaal The Camel

It was a warm sunny morning. Mama Camel and her son, Little Jamaal, were eating breakfast. Jamaal looked very sad. "What's the matter Jamaal?" his mother asked softly. I'm scared, he answered. "The master will not like me, I think he is going to give me away," he said.

Mama Camel smiled, inspection day was always scary for baby camels. "Don't worry," she said, "our master is very kind. We have a very long history you know." "Really?" Jamaal answered. "Yes, man and camels have lived and worked together for as long as we camels can remember. Allah (swt) created us to help man with his needs. Let me tell you a story of our great ancestor, Qaswa, who had a very special master.

It all started in Mecca. The Meccans were very afraid of a man called Muhammad (saw). He was teaching the people of the Oneness of Allah (Swt). They did not like that so they decided to kill him. One evening, Qaswa sat worrying about her master Abu Bakr (ra). It had been over 3 days since he had come to see her. Had the Meccans hurt him? Suddenly, her master's son came and quietly prepared. He told her she was going to carry a very special man to Madinah where he would be safe and could teach the people about Islam.

They quietly left Mecca in the night to a cave. Qaswa was very excited to finally see her master after so many days and to meet the Messenger of Allah (Swt). After some time, they reached the cave. When she saw the man standing next to her master, she knew he was the last seal of the prophets, and promised she would do her best to make sure he made it to Madinah safely.

She kneeled on her knees to let him climb onto her back. But the Messenger (saw) would not climb on until her master agreed on a fair price. They agreed and he climbed on. Qaswa knew the Meccans were still looking for her new master, the Messenger of Allah (swt), so they had to leave quickly.

The days were long and hot, they did not take the usually roads to Madinah because they were full of danger. Many times she wanted to drop from exhaustion, but then she remembered the Prophet (saw) and continued. Sudenly a dust cloud appeared on the horizon, a horse was galloping fast toward them, it was a bounty hunter, Suraqah, looking to hurt the prophet (Swt).

Qaswa was very worried, she made dua; suddenly, as if the horse finally recognized the Messenger of Allah (swt), he fell to the ground throwing Suraqah off his back. Allah (swt) had inspired him to also want to protect the Messenger (saw). Every time Suraqah came near to hurt the prophet (saw), his horse threw him to the ground. Finally, Suraqah gave up, he spoke to the prophet (saw) and was soon convinced that he was a true prophet of Allah (Swt). They continued on.

The road to Madinah seemed endless. Qaswa was close to falling when finally she heard a shout. They had made it to Madinah. The people of Madinah rushed out to meet her new master, singing and praising Allah (swt) that he had made it safely. Two men approached, one gave her water while the other gave water to her new master. Qaswa knew for certain that her new master would be safe here amongst these kind people.

"So you see, little one, you have nothing to fear. Our master is a kind believing man, just like the people of Madinah, he will not hurt you. He fears Allah (swt) and appreciates the work we do for him by the Mercy of Allah (swt). Little Jamaal was no longer afraid. He stood up and welcomed his kind master.

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