Friday, April 26, 2013

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Love Twelve Miles Long

Title: Love Twelve Miles Long

Author: Glenda Armand

Illustrator: Colin Bootman

Publisher: Lee& Low Books, Nov 1, 2011

Theme: Biography, African/African American Interest, Childhood Experiences/Memories, Dreams & Aspirations, Family Traditions, Heroism, Historical Interest, Mothers, Overcoming Obstacles, Religion/Spiritual, Self Esteem/Identity, Slavery, United States History

Age: 6 and up

Opening: This was a special night. Mama had come to visit, and Fredrick's stomach was full of the sweet ginger cake she had brought him.

It's late at night, and Frederick's mother has traveled twelve miles to visit him. When Frederick asks Mama how she can walk so far, Mama recounts her journey mile by mile. Every step of the way is special, as it brings them closer together; and Mama passes the time by remembering, listening, praying, singing, and more. Set on a plantation in 1820s Maryland, this story based on the life of young Frederick Douglass shows the power of his mother's love.

Social Studies for Kids: Fredrick Douglass
A printable instant book about Fredrick Douglass
Discussion topics: Fredrick Douglass' mother thought about something special for each mile she walked. Discuss with children what each mile represented. Then ask your child(ren) to discuss what they'd think about during a twelve mile walk.

Why I like the Book:

I remember when I was a child, my mom told me the story of Fredrick Douglass and the story of his mother, of how she traveled 12 miles late at night just to see her son. I remember being in awe of his mother. Twelve miles seemed like forever walking to me. But she did it despite working hard all day, being tired, aching back and feet. The way Glenda Armand tells this story is simply beautiful and enchanting. Each mile represents how Fredrick Douglass' mother spends her time to get to him. Starting from the first mile which is for forgetting, forgetting how tired she is, forgetting her aches and pains, forgetting that she has worked all day and has to return to work at sunrise. Slowly she goes from forgetting to remembering, listening, looking up, wondering about God, praying, singing, smiling, giving thanks, hoping, dreaming, and the final mile being, love. Her short and sweet moments with Fredrick Douglass was a great lesson for him then and still a great lesson for us today. Love is a very powerful emotion. History proved it. Fredrick Douglass took his mother's love, hope, dreams and lessons and became a great man in both US and African American history.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Perfect Picture Book Friday: My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood

 Title: My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood

Author: Tameka Fryer Brown

Illustrator: Shane W Evans

Publisher: Viking, March 7, 2013

Theme: Stories in Rhyme, Colors, Exploring Moods/Feelings, African-Americans

Age: 4 and up

Opening: I'm in a mood
                  A feeling kind of mood
                  A being kind of mood
                  Is what I'm in

Summary: Jamie describes his mood throughout the day, using colors and rhyming text, as he changes from an "easy green" while drawing a picture for his sister to a "brooding black" when he is teased for doing so.

The author has a great selection of activities including an activity guide that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, coloring pages, math activities and more.

Why I like the Book:
I thought this book was a very creative and unique way to help children explore their feelings and moods through the use of colors. Lyrical and fun, children will enjoy watching Jamie's mood change through out the day. They will no doubt be able to relate to many of his colorful moods. It is a great book for parents or teacher to help children talk about what makes their moods change and how to express themselves. I really enjoyed the illustrations, I absolutely love Shane W Evans' work. I was thrilled when I saw that he was the illustrator for Tameka Brown's book.