Sunday, December 4, 2011

Organization Spot Light: I Inspire Inc

IInspire is a non-profit organization that uses the motivational power of the arts with interactive technologies and educational tools to bring comfort to the sick, promote volunteerism and inspire local communities to come together for positive change.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Noor Kids go to Hajj giveaway!

The second edition of Noor kids is out and it sure is exciting! Little ones will enjoy learning all about Hajj with Asad, Amira and Shireen. This issue includes colorful illustrations, a simple format for introducing Islamic morals and practices and fun activities like helping Amira find her parents when she gets lost in a maze. There's a coloring activity and fun and easy recipe that little ones can do in the kitchen with mom or dad. I liked this edition so much, I am giving away one copy to one winner of the Noor Kids Giveaway over on the Family Reads website. Or, fill in the form below for a chance to win this wonderful edition for your growing little Muslim.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Special Gift for Daddy

Copyright © 2011 SN Taylor, All Rights Reserved

Adila was sitting on her porch. It was father's day and she did not have a special gift for her father. She sat with her face resting in her hands. A bee buzzed around in the garden. It was a big fat fuzzy bumble bee. She watched as it danced in the air.

"What do you think I should get daddy for father's day," she asked out loud.

As if the bee heard her, it danced in circles until it landed on a lavender flower.

"Daddy likes the color purple, but he is allergic to flowers," she shook her head.

The bee danced in circles away from the garden. Adila stood up and followed it. The bee landed on leaf near a bunny napping in a patch of grass.

"How cute," Adila whispered, "but daddy is also allergic to animal fur," she shook her head.

The bee passed a frog sitting on a lily pad and circled over the pond with little fish. Adila thought for a while.

"Daddy does like to fish and this is his favorite pond, but we did that yesterday," she shook her head.

Adila followed the bee as it danced in circles until he landed on her porch. Adila sat down on the porch with her face in her hands.

"I'll never find a special gift for daddy for Father's Day," she said shaking her head.

With a zip and a buzz, the big fat fuzzy bee quickly disappeared into the trees behind the garden. Adila her a buzz, then two, three, and four, then more. She looked up and saw many big fat, fuzzy bumble bees dancing in circles in her garden. The bumble bees formed the shape of a heart and buzzed loudly for Adila to hear and see. Adila smiled a great big smile.

"I know what I can give daddy for Father's Day," she said nodding her head.

She ran into the house and jumped into daddy's arms and squeezed him tight.

"I LOVE YOU, DADDY," she said with all her heart.

Copyright © 2011 SN Taylor, All Rights Reserved

Friday, May 13, 2011

In the News: Islamic Writers Alliance

We Are Muslim Champions Serving Allah

We Work For The Benefit Of Muslims

We are Champions of Literacy for Muslim Children, Youth, and Teens

We Are Champions of Creative Writing for Muslim Students

We Are Champions for Islamic School Libraries

We are Champions for Aspiring Muslim Writers Striving to Become Published

Give your support to a Muslim non-profit organization that works to benefit our Muslim kids!

Who We Are: The Islamic Writers Alliance Inc. (IWA) is a USA based professional Muslim non-profit organization with an international membership. We were founded in 2004. Members include published and aspiring writers, editors, artists, publishers, journalists, playwrights, web designers, retailers, and marketing consultants. The IWA is an inclusive organization and welcomes adult Muslim men and women of all races, ethnicities, linguistic backgrounds, abilities, and creeds.

Our Purpose: Our purpose is to promote literacy world-wide. The IWA has established successful programs designed to meet the established goals and purpose of the organization.

Our programs are segmented into five areas:

· IWA regularly award fiction and non-fiction Islamic books to Islamic school libraries (20 schools to date)

· IWA sponsors creative writing contests for Islamic schools.(12 contests to date)

· IWA sponsors two annual contests open to the public: an Islamic poetry contest (for 7 years) and an Islamic fiction story contest (for 2 years).

· IWA provides publishing opportunities for members aspiring writers and published authors through the anthology books we publish. We have published three anthologies to date with a 4th book currently in progress.

· IWA provides publishing opportunities for members through its quarterly online publication, IWA Magazine.

IWA Contact: / Director /

We trust in Allah. We work in His service. We ask you to join our cause and help support our programs. We need your support. Join us and be a Champion, too. Donate thru PayPal:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Story of Mullah Nasruddin and his Ring

Story time! Here is a funny little story meant to be humorous. Mullah Nasruddin is widely known for his funny, witty and thoughtful short stories and anecdotes.

The story of Mullah Nasruddin and his ring

Mullah Nasruddin had lost his ring, so he set out to search for it under the street light.

Others came to help him search.

Finally when asked if he was certain he had dropped it in this spot, he said,
"No, I lost it there," and pointed to his house.

The others asked incredulously:
"Then why are you looking for it here?"

Mullah Nasruddin said, while trying to look clever:
"Because it is dark where I lost it, and it is light out here!"