Saturday, June 27, 2015

Islamic Children's Book Day 2015

Welcome to the first ever, 

Islamic Children's Book Day.

You can learn more about this new initiative and how you and your family can participate in Islamic Children's Book Day below, information was taken from and

Hosted by authors Razeena Gutta of and Emma Apple of, it is hoped that this day creates awareness about great Islamic children’s books, worldwide. You can help by sharing your top picks, current reads and wish list for future purchases.

How to get involved?
  •  Authors and Publishers
Download the PDF flier and share on your pages with the hashtag #IslamicBookDay. Share your story with us, organize a book reading with your local community or simply post pictures of all your books so readers can find them easily.
  •  Parents/Teachers/Bloggers/Book enthusiasts
Buy or borrow a new Islamic book for your child, organise a story-time with your friends or family with the existing books you have, share pictures of your family’s favourites with the hashtag #IslamicBookDay. Download the PDF to share with your friends or simply click and save the image above for easy sharing on social networks.
  • Bookstores and Online Book Retailers
Share your range of Islamic children books with the hashtag and your location to make it easier for people to find you locally.
  • Magazines and media outlets
Please share with your readers as much as you can. You can encourage them to post pictures with the hashtag, or share with them the ideas below.
  • Other ideas
  1. Creating craft projects that relate to books is a great way to extend the learning and have a lot of fun in the process
  2. Make bookmarks as gifts for friends or neighbors
  3. Encourage your children to ‘make’ or ‘draw’ their own books with their own stories
  4. Help your children write a letter to their favorite Islamic book author (we are quite sure they would reply!)
  5. And, of course, read together!
Share your books with us, and share your plans and crafts too! Simply post to any social media platform with the hashtag #IslamicBookDay and we’ll all be able to find it easily.

Join the event on Facebook by clicking here. 

Islamic Children’s Book Day is supported by  –
Shade 7 Publishing – Hajera Memon
Sweet Apple Publishers – Zanib Mian
Reem Faruqi (author)
Kids of the Ummah – Peter Gould
Mind works Publishing – Janette Grant
Siraaj Mowjood (author)
Read It (Book retailer – Canada)
Daybreak Press – Najiyah Maxfield