Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Contagious Smile

Today started off terrible. I woke up late and missed my bus. My teacher gave me a tardy and sent me to the principal’s office. That wasn’t the end. Sam, the bully, took my ball then pushed me down. But something amazing happened; a little girl passing by gave me a wonderful smile. “Let me help you,” she said taking my hand, her smile spreading from ear to ear. I tried to stop it but could not help it; my frown began to turn upside down. Then I began to smile. As I walked home, what did I see? Mr. Hamoodi’s Ice Cream truck was broken in three. I smiled at him, with a smile from ear to ear, “it’s okay Mr. Hamoodi; help is on the way.” Suddenly, his frown turned upside down and he began to smile. “What a wonderful child, thank you for your kind smile.”

Mr. Hamoodi called for a tow truck. As he waited, he heard a cry. Mrs. Hannah tottered by with three bags and a crying child. He smiled at them with a smile from ear to ear, “please, let me help you,” he said carrying her bags. “And here is an ice cream for two.” Soon their frowns turned upside down, and they began to smile. “God bless you kind sir,” she said. The bus arrives right on time; they get on board and ride across town. Along the way, an old lady gets on, “I lost my wallet, I have no money to ride,” she cried. The bus driver frowns, “Please get down,” he bellowed. “Don’t worry,” the small child smiled, “I have extra coins; you can ride with us.” The old lady’s frown turned upside down and she began to smile, “May God bless you child, and your kind mother too.”

The bus stopped and the old lady got off, she noticed a young man in a nice suit standing on the corner looking quite confused. “Can I help you young man?” she asked smiling from ear to ear. “I am lost, I need to find Apple Street or I will be late for my first day of work,” he said sadly. “I know that street, it is near by. Follow me,” the old lady chirped. The young man’s frown turned upside down. He took her arm and followed her to Apple Street. With a smile from ear to ear, he thanked her and hurried on his way. As he rushed along, he heard a tiny cry. It was the little girl, sitting lost and all alone.

“Where’s your mommy?” he asked. She looked up, “I don’t know, I can’t find her,” she whimpered. “Well, don’t you worry,” he said smiling, “there is a police officer. She will help you find your mommy.” The police officer took her hand, “let’s go find your mommy dear,” she said smiling ear to ear. Soon, her frown turned upside down. Suddenly, she heard her name. It was her mother. With a smile from ear to ear, they thanked the nice police officer for her help and went skipping on their way. Today began as a horrible day, but all it took was a kind, friendly smile to turn a frown upside down.


Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah your site is awesome.

SN Taylor said...

Shukran :)