Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm sound asleep, dreaming of fairies, princes, magical kingdoms and lots of food. Suddenly, a loud CRACK! BOOM!! BANG wakes me from my fantastical dream. LOL, okay so I wasn't dreaming about fairies, princes and magical kingdoms. But I was awakened by loud thunder this morning around 5:20 or 30ish. I ran to the window to see my lawn, street and everything else covered in snow and snowing. So what was that loud boom if it was not raining? They call it, "Thundersnow".

Thundersnow, also known as a winter thunderstorm or a thunder snowstorm, is a rare thunderstorm with snow falling as the primary precipitation instead of rain. It commonly falls in regions of strong upward motion within the cold sector of extratropical cyclones between autumn and spring when surface temperatures are most likely to be near or below freezing.

Well, I really had hoped we wouldn't get snow this winter, but since we got it anyway, I will just have to be thankful. It really is pretty outdoors! And i am skipping work today (the silver lining?)

Alhamdulillah ala kullu hal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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