Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ain't no road muddy enough....!

Growing up in the California high desert, I hated the rainy season. The roads got so muddy. After Mama and Brother Fateen divorced, we lived on the land by ourselves. One season it rained really bad The roads were treacherous. One morning we left the land to go to the tutoring center mama had opened. The drive was horrible, most of the way mama had a rough time keeping the car straight. The car kept slipping and sliding in the mud. But she had managed to make it through. Soon we go to Calusa road and the entire road was muddy. Mama tried to drive through it but the car got stuck. Had Hakim, my older brother, or Brother Fateen been there, they would have gotten out to push us out. But they weren't, it was just us, Mama and girls. Mama did not ask us to get out and push the car, nor did she have to. A family that works together, stays together. Me and my sisters just looked at each other, then jumped out to push the car out of the mud. Being scrawny little things, it took us a while to push the car out of all that mud. We pushed and pushed and pushed, finally the car jolted out of the mud causing us to land face first in the mud. Me and Mas was covered from head to toe. Ahlehm had a good laugh at us since she did not fall in the mud. Lucky for us, the tutoring center had a bathroom and we had trunk full of clothes. Mama had decided we should stay at the office because the rains were making the roads undrivable and we were nowhere near the end of the rainy season. Mama was so proud of us that day. The whole day she told her friends how we acted responsibly without her having to ask us. Looking back, she did a great job teaching us how to be responsible little adults, but then we had a wonderful role model.

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