Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tips for a Healthier Ramadan

* Drink plenty of water throughout the night. Water hydrates your cells and removes waste from your body.

* Avoid too much liquids WITH your meals. Additional amounts of liquids dilutes the acids in your stomach and makes it harder to digest properly.

* Do not consume to much food at once for Iftar. Divide your meals out. A moderate iftar, 2 healthy snacks throughout the night and suhoor.

* Eat a balanced diet. This includes protein + carbs + GOOD fats (ex, olive oil). Try to use the 9" plate rule; take a 9" plate, make half the plate for vegetables/salad, one quarter protein like fish, chicken or beef, last quarter starch like rice (brown*), potatoes or pasta (whole grain*)

* Chew your food slowly. Chewing starts the digesting process and nutrients are absorbed.

* Reduce salt intake. This helps reduce thirst during the day.

* Exercise during the night. We lose water when we exert a lot of energy through sweat, so do your exercise at night so that you are able to replenish your liquids.

May Allah (swt) bless you with a happy and healthy Ramadan!

(*Whole grain is much healthier as the nutrients are not stripped off as in white rice, bread or pasta.)

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