Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid day celebration!

Masha Allah, today was very nice!! We got to the prayer hall at the qwest field event center early! It was massive! we had some 15,000 people O_O! Masha Allah, it was really nice to see so many muslims together though leaving posed a whole other issue!!! LOL! We were an hour in the parking garage waiting for the mob of impatient travelers trying to leave the center :D it was entertaining to say the least. To pass the time, we took pictures with Kiki's new camera, watched the impatient mob inch and honk their way out of the parking garage. It was an interesting experience, one worth laughing about in the end! Once that ordeal was over, we cruised over to QFC to buy breakfast food items. Every year, it is a family tradition to prepare and have Eid breakfast with the family. so, we all helped prepare, cheesy eggs, hash browns, pancakes, halal beef and turkey bacon, biscuits and orange juice. After breakfast, to walk off the food, we went to Burlington coat factory to look at some clothing for the next holiday coming up! Masha Allah, it was a really nice day, however, to end it, I have a cold (just started this afternoon :( ) Insha Allah, will try to nurse myself to beat it before it beats me!

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