Monday, October 15, 2012

Organization Spot Light: Islamic Writers Alliance

Catch the Spirit…Be a Muslim Champion

We Are Muslim Champions Serving Allah
We Work For The Benefit Of Muslims
We are Champions of Literacy for Muslim Children, Youth, and Teens
We Are Champions of Creative Writing for Muslim Students
We Are Champions for Islamic School Libraries
We are Champions for Aspiring Muslim Writers Striving to Become Published

The Islamic Writers Alliance Inc. (IWA) is a USA based professional Muslim non-profit organization with an international membership. It was founded in 2004. Members include published and aspiring writers, editors, artists, publishers, journalists, playwrights, web designers, retailers, and marketing consultants. The IWA is an inclusive organization and welcomes adult Muslim men and women of all races, ethnicities, linguistic backgrounds, abilities, and creeds.

Purpose: IWA's purpose is to promote literacy world-wide. The IWA has established successful programs designed to meet the established goals and purpose of the organization.

One of its well known programs include the yearly book awards of fiction and non-fiction Islamic books to Islamic school libraries (20 schools to date)

Help the IWA Promote Literacy
Awareness is knowledge, and knowledge is power, and the only way to attain that is through education, which is the opposite of illiteracy. This is the main goal of the IWA, to help empower people worldwide to attain knowledge and power through the easily attainable goal of literacy.

It is easy to donate to the Islamic Writers Alliance, Inc. All you need do is click on the 
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