Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recommended Board Book: The Mitten by Jan Brett

Title: The Mitten

Author: Jan Brett (adapted)

Illustrator: Jan Brett

Publisher: Putnam Juvenile, October 4, 1996

Age: 1-3

Topic: Seasons: Winter, Woodland Animals, Sharing

Opening: Once there was a boy named Nikki. He wanted mittens as white as snow.

When Nicki drops his new white mitten in the snow, some curious woodland animals find it and crawl in for warmth. First comes a mole, then a rabbit, a badger and others, each one larger than the last.

These animal masks would be great for a play reenacting The Mitten story. For this art activity, cut out the mittens and the animals and let them crawl in just like the animals in the story. Teach story sequencing using sequence cards from Creating & Teaching's blog. Homeschool Creations has lots of printables to use with the story.

Why I like this book:
In this lovely illustrated story, a lonely white mitten becomes a cozy winter resting place for a variety of woodland creatures. It starts off with a small rabbit, and as more creatures appear, the larger they get until a bear squeezes in with the other critters. But when a tiny mouse tries to make his way in, the creatures get a big surprise! I love this edition because of it's brevity yet beautiful illustrations. The toddlers in my classroom love to look at it and listen to the story.


karin said...

sounds like an interesting story to read to children!

Heidi Reads... said...

I think this is a great book! So creative and great illustrations :)

Rachael K said...

ANY Jan Brett book is to be recommended - her illustrations are gorgeous, and she always sneaks a story within the story (watch the borders - that's where it happens!)

Anonymous said...

This looks so cute! I love the cover, and it actually sounds familiar. Maybe I've seen it before?

Thank you for sharing!

Jessica Cox said...

My kids love this book they can't believe all those animals got in there

Sara said...

Such a cute book!

Unknown said...

I loved this book and Jan Brett's other books when I was little. In fact, I think I still have some of her books somewhere in my house! I loved looking at the little things in the borders in some of the books! :)

Cali W. said...

I loved this book when I was younger. <3

Unknown said...

Looks like a cute read! Curious about the surprise the mouse brings. Would make a fun little art project and puppet show.

Judy said...

This looks real good for my grandkids.

Tamara said...

This book looks wonderful! My kids would love it. :)