Friday, July 4, 2014

Recommended Picture Book: F is for Feelings

Title: F is for Feelings

Author: Goldie Millar, Lisa Berger

Illustrator: Hazel Mitchell

Publisher: Free Spirit, July 7, 2014

Age: 3 - 8 years

Topic: Emotions, Feelings,

Opening: Every day I feel all kinds of feelings, in all kinds of places, with all kinds of people, in all kinds of ways.

Summary:  A friendly and positive ABC picture book that shares and reinforces emotional language and the ideas that some feelings are more comfortable than others but all emotions are natural and important.

Resources: There are great resources at the back of the book for parents and educators as well as activities to extend learning opportunities. Some include: Building a feeling vocabulary, Feeling word of the day, Sharing and comparing feelings, Make a feelings bulletin board, create games, songs and role plays and more.

My Thoughts: This is more than just an ABC of feelings, this book is a thoughtful and positive approach to teaching children to understand what they are feeling and what others may be feeling.  F is for feelings teaches vocabulary of various emotions and feelings children have and is perfect for reading aloud with children. The text really validates each emotion through its explanations. It teaches children to recognize and value their feelings. And a shout out goes to the illustrator for a wonderfully diverse range of children and talent for capturing each child and their feeling.  :)


Heidi Reads... said...

This looks like a great book for kids! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This looks cute! Thank you. :-)

Christine said...

My mom and sister are both teachers (preschool and kindergarten), and this sounds like a perfect book for them to have for their kids! Definitely will be sharing it with them; thanks for the recommendation! :)

Sue Sattler said...

I need to get this book for my grandkids. My grandson has Asperger's and reading really helps him understand things better than just telling him. :D

Unknown said...

This is actually a really cool idea. My son will be turning five next month and he's very in tune with his feelings for a child his age. He'll tell me when he's happy, sad, frustrated, angry.. etc. I'm going to have to find this book for him so he can learn even more about his emotions. Thanks so much!

Jambo said...

This sounds like a fabulous book and my little girl is just at the point of benefiting from this kind of book. Thanks for a great recommendation on the Kid Lit blog Hop