Monday, September 29, 2014

Recommended Board Book: People! National Geographic Little Kids Look & Learn

Title: People!

Author: National Geographic Kids

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books; August 23, 2011

Age: 2-5

Topic: Classification skills, Diversity,

Summary: In this book, young children are able to learn important skills such as naming, sorting, counting, matching, and finding through fun, interactive games and activities. These popular games are featured throughout the National Geographic Little Kids series. Stunning photography is incorporated in order to demonstrate these early concepts.

My Thoughts: 
A great introductory book for learning all about classification and diversity. Girls, boys, babies, men, women, young, old,everyone has a place in this book.  Each page has a fun little fact to share, for example, did you know it takes longer to exhale than to inhale? The use of real photography helps children learn and explore their world and the people they share it with. "Everyone is different. But we are all people!"

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