Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Giveaway: Islamic Rose Series

Salaam and Greetings! 

Welcome to another book giveaway on Family-Ship Experience. Linda D. Delgado will be releasing her latest book in the Islamic Rose Book series. Reunion is the final book in the series and will be releasing soon. To celebrate her good news and wonderful accomplishment, I am giving away the first four books before they last is released! And here they are: The Visitors, Stories, Hijab-Ez Friends and Saying Goodbye. Please fill out the form below to enter for a chance to win the complete set (minus the 5th book soon to be released.) 

Book Details:
 Not everyone in Rose's family is happy about the two Saudi Arabian police officers staying at Grandma's house. Nine-year-old Rose and grandma help the officers with English lessons and the officers share their culture and Islamic religion. The officers' kind ways and good manners soon win the hearts of Rose and her grandparents. Rose becomes confused and worried by her dad's continued avoidance of Fahd and Abdul and his warnings to stay away from the masjid. Rose is determined to change her dad's mind about his dislike and distrust of the Muslim officers. She creates one unique plan after another and refuses to become discouraged when her plans backfire and she gets into problems with her dad. Rose designs an ingenious new PLAN. Its success or failure will have a lasting affect on Rose, her family and new friends.

  Stories is a treasure chest of wonderful stories about Islam and the lives of Rose, her family members and Hijab-Ez friends. Readers join Rose and the Hijab-Ez as they delight in stories Fahd and Abdul tell them about famous Muslims from Islam's history. Rose and her friends apply the wisdom they learn from these stories to problems they face at school and home: Islam's famous Woman Warrior removes doubts that arise when Rose learns about Christina's struggle with a family problem. Camelia's story about the Kitten Man helps provide the solution needed for some unexpected arrivals. Rose's anger over the intolerance directed towards Camelia is close to erupting into a PLAN that spells real trouble for the Hijab-Ez. Abdul's story about how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) averted a war helps Rose devise a peaceful PLAN that results in justice for her best friend. Rose has questions about the mother who left when she was a baby and family stories from the past help Rose in her search for answers. Rose's curiosity about names results in a family discussion about the importance of a person's name and Grandpa surprises everyone when he relates a family story about his middle name. 

 I don't want to go to public school! I don't need diversity! Ten-year-old Rose protests to Dad and Grandma. What is diversity, anyway? she wonders crossly.
Rose's dad wants her to meet kids of different races, cultures and religions. He says the new school will be an adventure. No way! Only a grown-up would tell a kid that going to a new school is an adventure. But, could he be right?
It doesn't take Rose long to find out. The first week of school, Rose befriends Camelia, a Muslim Egyptian-American, Ruby, a Protestant Vietnamese National and Christina, a Catholic Hispanic- American. Who knew diversity could be so much fun?! Not all of Rose's classmates like her new friends. Operation Proof is Rose's PLAN to nab a bully. Another PLAN almost lands Rose and friends in big problems when they visit Meteorite Crater. Rose faces losing a dear friend with courage and struggles with sadness when old friends seem to change. Old, new, young and family friends-mark Rose's life. She realizes that being a friend is as important as having friends.

 Saying Goodbye is often more than the wave of a hand, a cheery "See you tomorrow," or an As Salaam'Alaykum. Sometimes these everyday words and gestures are taken for granted. Rose is about to learn there are many reasons for saying goodbye.
As the school year ends, a kaleidoscope of unexpected events throws Rose into a tailspin! The Hijab-Ez Summer Plan is wrecked and the Hijab-Ez must cope with a loss. Tragedy strikes and Rose must say a forever-kind-of-goodbye. Fahd consoles Rose and gives her hope when he says, "Allah willing, you will get something better to replace what you have lost."
Rose needs courage and hope to overcome her sadness when saying goodbye to Fahd and Abdul who are going home to Saudi Arabia. Just when Rose thinks nothing else could possibly happen to change her life, Grandma reveals her secret to the whole family and saying goodbye takes on a whole new meaning for Rose. 

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