Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recommended Picture Book: One of Us

Title: One of Us

Author: Peggy Moss

Publisher: Tilbury House

Theme/Topic:  Identity, Being Yourself, Cliques

Grade: 2-6


"You are one of us," Carmen tells Roberta on her first day at a new school. 

Roberta gladly sits with the rest of the straight-up-hair girls-until she hears they don't play on the monkey bars. Roberta loves the monkey bars and leaps at the chance to swing with the monkey-bar posse, until she hears they don't carry flowered lunch boxes like she does. Roberta moves from group to group, just trying to be herself, until it seems she doesn't fit in anywhere. Then Roberta discovers some kids just like her-everyone's different and they like it that way! 

In a society plagued by the need to fit in at all costs, One of Us features a plucky youngster with the courage to be who she is and the charisma to help others assert their individuality.   

These activities can be found at the publisher website:
Activity: What Cliques Do You Know?
Activity: Who Are You/What Are You?
Activity: Ideal Community
Activity: Rodney's Flowers

Why I Like This Book:
I really liked this book because I was once just like Roberta, new kid at a new school. Fitting in was very important to me because I was different. I was the only Muslim kid in my small town school. This book is full of humor but effectively touches on the subject of peer pressure and just what can be lost when we try to fit in and shut others out. This book is PERFECT for use at home and in the classroom. Children can easily identify with Roberta. I also love that the illustrations captures a diverse range of children, children of different ethnicities, and physical abilities. 

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