Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recommended Picture Book: The Beautiful Names

Title: The Beautiful Names

Author: Saaleha Bhamjee

Illustrator: Shirley Gavin

Publisher: Muslim Writers Publishing; February 14, 2008

Ages: 4 and up

Topics/Themes: Poetry, Attributes of Allah, Faith


Allah's names are many,
as beautiful as is He
a being greater than any
could ever hope to be

Book Summary:

The Beautiful Names - A fun way of acquiring Ma'rifat - recognition of Allah. A collection of highly entertaining, sometimes funny poems that demonstrate the qualities of Allah using every day examples. Learn why eagles don't need flight lessons, or how to chase the monster out of your cupboard. Learn about Abraha and his army, and how they were destroyed, or about how mankind began to worship idols after the death of Adam AS. Beautifully illustrated in full color, The Beautiful Names is bound to acquire a place of honour on every child's bookshelf.

Links to Resources:

Find a list of all the 99 attributes of Allah here. Coloring pages can be found at Easel and Ink.  Listen to the 99 Names of Allah. Brush up with this simple quiz or this one. Or, you can make some of your own. You can create word searches using the 99 names as well as create crossword puzzles to help with learning the meaning of each attribute. This blog has more classroom ideas for studying the 99 names of Allah. 

Why I like this book:

This book is a great read aloud book. It introduces 20 attributes of Allah that are easy to explain to children. The illustrations are beautiful and will appeal to children. They also allow for greater discussion between parent and child as to what they see and feel and how they relate it to the words/story on the paper. 

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