Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old Treasures

As much as I love visiting the bookstore and checking out all the new titles being published left and right, there is nothing better than visiting a library and finding amazing and fun older published books. Even better than that (if that is possible), is finding these little treasures at a book sale or two for dirt cheap!

 A while back I heard about a school that was having a book sale. When the Barnes & Noble located next to my job moved (sniff, I’m still really upset about that) the store donated its entire inventory to the school. Well, the school to raise funds decided to sell the donated items. Naturally, families and students of the school got dibbs on the merchandise before the public. Picture books, MG and YA went really fast! 

The school went through their own library to add some picture books to the tables because they had none by the time they opened their sale to the public. I was a little disappointed (very disappointed actually) but as I rummaged through the pile my disappointment slowly faded away.  For twenty dollars, I walked away with an arm full of old treasures. Most, if not all, of the books were published pre-2000 era. But then life happened. I tucked the books under my desk and forgot about them until my niece's cats started eating at the bag they were in and reminded me I had a treasure trove of 'new' books to read. 

Yesterday I got a chance to go through the bag and check out my goodies. I am really glad I did not just walk out of the book sale as soon as I saw the pathetic picture book table! I sat and went through the books one by one, feeling like the young girl I was in my hometown library devouring all the picture books I could. Each book reminded me why I loved picture books growing up and why I still love them today :D

Oh, and I was extra happy to find Tiger's Quest in the mix of YA books that were left for only $2! I've been wanting it for a while but never wanted to pay the 17+ bucks for it and I could not find it at my library. All in all, I have to say I am one very happy happy camper :D

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