Saturday, November 22, 2014

Book Review: Ellie and Ace: The Case of The Bed Time Bandit.

Meet Ellie and Ace!

Soon to be…


Just about…

World-famous detectives!

Well, almost.

Any day now, if they solve enough cases.

And good news! They are on a case now. Someone is causing trouble all over their small town of Huckleberry Springs. Each night, the troublemaker strikes – breaking into houses, spilling garbage, and stealing toys. Nobody knows who the culprit is, but everyone blames someone else. Ellie and Ace have to solve the mystery fast – before their neighbors go to war.

My Review:
I can see this being a fun story for early readers. I have always adored books with child and animal detectives growing up so this is definitely for children who love pets and mysteries.

The story follows Ellie and her pet dog Ace as they try to uncover the mystery of who is behind the tipping of trash cans, theft, and other messes around the neighborhood. Ellie and Ace decide to set a trap to flush out the culprit. They are mighty surprised when they catch the thief red-handed or, all tied up! (pun intended so read the book :D)

With short chapters and easy to read text, children between the ages 6-8 who enjoy mysteries and animal antics may find this a fun read.

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