Monday, December 8, 2014

Recommended Picture Book: Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto

Title: Too Many Tamales

Author: Gary Soto

Illustrator: Ed Martinez

Publisher: Puffin, August 8, 1996

Age: 4-8 

Topic: Cooking, Ceremony and Tradition, Extended Families, Mexican and Mexican American
Christmas, Problem Solving, Taking Responsibility for Mistakes.

Opening: Snow drifted through the streets and now that it was dusk, Christmas trees glittered in the windows.

Summary: Maria tries on her mother's wedding ring while helping make tamales for a Christmas family get-together. Panic ensues when, hours later, she realizes the ring is missing.

Resources: Find a discussion guide for the book here. Too Many Tamales writing prompt. Find a teacher's guide for the book here filled with fun activities that include art, writing and language, math and cooking, games and more.

Why I Like the Book:
Too Many Tamales teaches children the meaning of being responsible for their mistakes. It teaches problem solving and team work.It reinforces the importance of being truthful and honest. It does all of this in a warm and gentle manner that is not overly pushy and with humor as well.

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