Friday, January 9, 2015

Recommended Picture Book: Mouse and the Moon by M. Christina Butler

Title: Mouse and the Moon

Author: M. Christina Butler

Illustrator: Tina Macnaughton

Publisher: Good Books, 2012

Age: 4 - 6

Topic: friendship, making friends, actions under duress, sharing, the moon,

Opening: Little Harvest Mouse lived by himself in a field of grain. Every night the warm summer breezes rocked his cozy nest, and his friend the moon watched over him from the deep blue sky.

Book Summary: Before Little Harvest Mouse closes is eyes each night, he sings a lullaby to his very own moon. Then, one cloudy evening, the moon disappears. And Little Harvest Mouse discovers that he is not the only one looking for it…..

Talk with children about friendship. Let them make a list of qualities of a good friend.
Name or make a list of their friends and discuss why they are friends.
Draw pictures of mouse and the moon. Use white glitter for the moon.

Why I Like This Book:
A simple and loving tale of true friendship and sharing. When Little Mouse loses his only friend, the moon, he goes searching for it. He finds other animals and they each say where the(ir) moon is but soon find the(ir) moon is missing as well. Soon, an argument ensues as the critters blame one another for losing the moon. It is not until they find shelter in a cave they begin to realize they all lost something very close to them. When the storm is over and the moon returns, they found out that they all share the same moon and that true friends never truly leave.
Losing a friend is hard on anyone, especially children. This book would be great for children who are shy and have a hard time making new friends, whether it’s because they are in a new neighborhood or school, or because they are slow to making friendships.

I loved the glittery moon featured throughout the story!


Joanne Sher said...

The cover of this is just beautiful (and I totally want to cuddle with that mouse - so precious!). The story sounds sweet too - and one many need to read. Thanks for sharing!

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Thanks for this recommendation. I've been looking for books on this topic - especially actions under duress. We will find it and read it.

Sue Heavenrich said...

Oh, I must read this - the whole "blaming each other for losing the moon" - that resonates for any mom who has listened to her kids bicker about whatever it was they lost or thought they borrowed or... Thanks for sharing this book.

Patricia T. said...

What a beautiful and engaging cover. I love books on friendship and this sounds so sweet.