Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book Review: Noorkids: Honestly Speaking

Noor kids learn about honesty in this fun issue of Noor kids. What better way to instill one of the more important values in our little ones than learning along side their friends Amira, Shireen, Asad and Amin. Kids will also learn about the amazing ant and how to make their own yummy lemonade. Your little noor kids will love this issue!

In this issue:

Honestly Sweet
Lemonade for sale! After fierce competition steals Amira's best customers, she is forced to find a way to stay afloat learning a valuable lesson honesty along the way.

Fort Trust
Have you ever made a BIG mistake, but couldn't manage to find the courage to fess up? Read along as Asad learns the value of trust while rebuilding what he broke. 


books4me said...

Sounds like a good book for teaching kids about honesty. Sometimes reading about something is the first step for learning how to act a certain way although more importantly is watching parents act this way too!

Dede said...

Really like the ideas behind this book. My kids would enjoy this one!

Kate said...

Sounds good! I really like kids books that incorporate some type of learning element, whether academic, behavioral or practical focused.