Friday, February 1, 2013

Book Buzz: Which Prophet Am I? by Tanya Andrious

Which Prophet Am I? by Tanya Andrious.
This book is about knowing the prophets in an innovative way.
Children need to read and then guess who was that prophet they read about.

Which prophet Am I

About the Author:
Tanya loves to create alchemy between creativity and originality when her nose isn't in a book and she's not traipsing around the soccer field. "Instigating Creativity" AKA Tanya Andrious is a non-fiction children’s writer and freelance editor. Her first non-fiction children’s book is set to be published January 2013. Her additional published work includes 2 articles for Azizah Magazine (w/ a 3rd to be published late 2013), a short-short story, children’s short story and an academic essay.

Which prophet Am I About the Book:

Tanya developed a different, original format rather than the usual detailed story about the Prophets (peace be upon them), focusing instead on short, important key elements of each Prophet while keeping the child's attention at the same time. Which Prophet Am I? Pt.1 and 2 is geared towards children ages 4-10, where both parents and children can enjoy reading together or for the child to enjoy independently.

Would you like to support a great project?

Well here is your chance. Tanya is in the process of creating part 2 of her series "Which Prophet Am I?" Her goal is to re-ignite the creative mindset of Muslims and enhance the Muslim children’s writing genre’ through her project, Instigating Creativity. In order to do so, Tanya is looking for donations to help pay for illustrations on Pt. 2 of Which Prophet Am I? Please consider showing support for this wonderful project.

You may buy the book here.

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