Friday, February 22, 2013

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Tea Cakes for Tosh

Title: Tea Cakes for Tosh
Author: Kelly Starling Lyons
Illustrator: E. B. Lewis
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile, December 6, 2012
Age: 5 and up

Topics: History: African American, Slavery, Relationship: family, Grandmother-grandson, Heritage: tea cake tradition-recipe

Opening: Tosh loved when his grandma Honey baked her golden tea cakes. The cookies smelled like vanilla mixed with sunshine. The taste warmed his heart, just like Honey's stories of courage did.

Book Summary:
Tosh loves his grandmother's tea cakes and the story that goes with it. But when his grandmother begins to forget things, including how to make the family's time treasured tea cakes and their family story, he helps by making the cakes and telling her the story.

The author's website is filled with great activities including a discussion and genealogy guide.
The book includes a recipe for Tea Cakes used in the book.

Why I like this book:
Tea Cakes for Tosh is about a boy who helps his grandmother remember a long and cherished family tradition. It is a warming and heartfelt story that emphasis's the relationship of family, time honored traditions, treasuring family history and love and compassion. It is so important to remember and pass along our history to the next generation. A tradition as simple as tea cakes carries great significance to African American heritage. Unfortunately, it is one of many African American traditions that are being forgotten. Tea Cakes for Tosh is a must have in every home and school.

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