Monday, July 15, 2013

Recommended Picture Book: Feel Confident! by Cheri J. Meiners

Title: Feel Confident!

Author: Cheri J. Meiners

Illustrator: Elizabeth Allen

Publisher: Free Spirit, Sept 1, 2013 (not published yet) 

Age: 4-8

Topic: Self-Confidence

Opening: I like being me - a very important person.

Book Summary: Feel Confident empowers children to recognize their individual worth and develop confidence in themselves, their abilities, and the choices they make. Children learn that they can speak up, expect and show respect, try new things, and believe in themselves

Resources: The book includes an excellent selection of discussion topics and activities that can be used in a home or school setting.
Confidence building games, activities, and more.

Why I Like This Book: Feel Confident does a great job of explaining what confidence is and gives children the skills to become confident young members of society. The illustrations are soft yet full of vibrance as the young character explores her abilities and her place in her family and community. Feel Confident is an excellent resource book as well for parents and teacher. There is an information page at the back of the book that for parents and teachers with activities and discussion topics to reinforce the ideas of the book.

*Reviewed from digital galley received from Netgalley and Free Spirit Publishing

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