Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recommended Picture Book: Mixed Me by Tiffany Catledge

Title: Mixed Me
Author: Tiffany Catledge

Illustrator: Anissa Riviere

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 11, 2013

Age: 4-6
Topic: children of biracial heritage,

Opening: Someone called me an oreo cookie. Chocolate on the outside, vanilla on the inside. I don't feel like a cookie.
Book Summary: Little Mixie wonders why everyone wants to know "what she is." Isn't it obvious? She is clearly a human being. Coming from a family with a black dad and a white mom makes her extra special, and maybe a little different too. But different is good. Mixie embraces her uniqueness and determines to be the best "Me" she can be.

Resources: Book includes activity page.

Why I Like This Book: Mixed Me is a tale of pride and courage as Mixie shares her black and white heritage with young readers. Children will learn from Mixie to embrace their uniqueness whether they are mixed or not. Mixed Me is a great effort and introduction in helping children learn to cope and go beyond the barriers and challenges that they face due to being of mixed races/heritages/cultures. After all, it is not important WHAT you are but WHO you are.                  
* Reviewed from paperback copy provided by author.


Unknown said...

Thank you for giving my book such a great review! I am glad you liked it and hope others will too! If you would like to know more about the "mixed" experience, visit my facebook page!

Mia said...

This is such a relevant book where I live. We have a lot of multi-racial families like mine! Thanks so much for linking up to The Multicultural Children's Book Day linky!

Courtney said...

We have mixed children in our family and I wish I had a book like this when my niece was starting pre-school. I will be checking this book out for sure!