Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Review: Justice Pon Di Road by Aliona Gibson

Title: Justice pon di Road

Author: Aliona L. Gibson

Illustrator: Andy Chou

Publisher: Self-Published

Topic: Jamaica people and culture, Multicultural,

Age: 5-8

Opening: Justice is on his way to Jamaica, a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean.

Summary: A young boy and his mother experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Jamaican culture on a morning walk.

Resources: The author adds a glossary of Jamaican words, Facts about Jamaica, a list of famous and notable Jamaicans including national heroes.

My Review:

Readers are invited to experience Jamaica with Justice and his mother as they take a walk "pon di road," which means 'on the road' in Jamaican.

I enjoyed the descriptive imagery used in the story, it brought to memory my own visit to Jamaica many, many years ago. I was older than Justice granted, but, I loved my visit just the same. Just like in the story, the Jamaican people are very warm and friendly.

I loved the language, Patois (patwa) which the author uses in the book for many of the common day-to-day words, like greetings, foods and more. I could almost here the Jamaican tongue as I read the words :)

We are also introduced to local culture and child-upbringing in Jamaica, like keeping children out of the rain, protecting them from all types of dangers (sun, sticks, dangerous busy roads, etc.,) and the various types of local food and drinks.

This is a really wonderful multicultural book and I enjoyed reading it and re-visiting Jamaica through Justice's and his mother's eyes.

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