Monday, February 10, 2014

Recommended Picture Book: Blackout by John Rocco

Title: Blackout

Author: John Rocco

Illustrator: John Rocco

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion, May 24, 2011

Age: 4-8

Topic: Family life, City life, Electricity, Power Outage

Opening: It started as a normal summer night.

Summary: A family enjoys spending time with their neighbors and looking at the stars during a blackout on a hot summer night in the city.

So, what would you do if your power went out? Make a Plan with your family, make sure you have some basic items (flash lights/candles, extra batteries, and know where they are) and fun activities to keep everyone busy and happy. Some activities can include: star gazing, story circle, charades, songs, board games, card games, bbq, and so much more.
Here is a fun Haiku activity to go with the book.

What I liked about the book:
EVERYTHING! This book took  me back to my childhood when I lived seven miles from the nearest - not city- but town. The starry night was our television, we sat around a fire stove to keep warm and pop popcorn, my mom was the best story-teller I have ever known, and it was simply an amazing time spent together as a family. I really miss those times and this book brought it all back to me. In this story, a little boy wants to play a board game but everyone is too busy doing their own thing. So, he eventually sits in front of the tv and plays a video game until the power goes out. At first he is afraid until his mother comes and soon the family is out and about exploring the night as the city party's under the beautiful starry night sky. When the lights do come back on, everything seems to go back to normal only it doesn't for this family. They turn off their lights and sit down as a family and continues to play a board game together by candle light. Parents, don't wait till a blackout to have a family night. One day a week, turn off your electronics, turn off the lights, unplug the phones and be a family. And if you can get your block or neighborhood to join the fun, that is even better! :) 


Tanja Bauerle said...

Great post! I love John Rocco's work. Happy creating to you. T

Unknown said...

You have a very rich blog, full of good resources. Thanks for sharing it!

Lynn Baldwin said...

Thanks for the review. This would be a great book for my 4-year-old.

Amber Hamilton said...

Thanks for reminding me about this book! Love the cover and want to read it. Great post!

Sophia M. Gholz said...

Great suggestion! I'll have to check it out!